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Hi, I’m Alex. Welcome to the site.

Thanks for checking out Mega Dad Blog. I want to put some real fire behind fatherhood and get dads pumped up with all kinds of material that’s interesting, practical, and awesome. That’s why this place exists.

I’m committed to making this site somewhere dads can go to find good things, helpful information, entertainment, and wisdom. I’m not exactly a sage but I know some guys, who know some guys… I won’t be the only one writing here and I’ll be working with contributors from all walks of life to bring readers variety and spice.

In my writing, I’ll share real-life experiences not just about fatherhood and marriage, but also a variety of other topics. Whether you’re a fellow dad or husband seeking advice, relatable stories, or just looking for an exceptional community, you’ve come to the right place.

Together, let’s define what it means to be Mega Dads!

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