Behavior Contract

The purpose of a behavior contract is to establish clear guidelines and expectations for behavior, often targeting specific areas of concern or goals for improvement. It typically involves an individual (such as a student) and an authority figure (such as a teacher or parent) who collaboratively define the desired behaviors, set achievable goals, and determine appropriate consequences.

Awesome Behavior Agreement

  • Define the specific behaviors or goals that the individual is expected to work on or improve.
  • Spell out the specific expectations and requirements for behavior, including any rules or guidelines that need to be followed.
  • Outline the positive rewards that will be given when the child meets or exceeds the agreed-upon expectations. This can include verbal praise, privileges, tokens, or other incentives.
  • Identify the negative consequences or penalties that will be implemented if the child does not meet the expectations or decides to misbehave. This can include loss of privileges, time-outs, or other appropriate consequences.

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